Co-own 5 Luxury Properties for £190,000

Do you ever dream of owning luxury villas in the best locations all across Europe, fully serviced with no need to worry?  A innovative scheme by August Collection may be the solution you are looking for.

Recognising that holiday home sole ownership is not for everyone, August has a new co-ownership model allowing you to become the co-owner of 5 luxury homes in sought-after locations in Europe at a fraction of the cost.  Properties are located in Tuscany, Mallorca, the South of France, the Cotswolds and the French Alps.

The Concept:

The concept is simple.  Members invest a much lower capital investment than buying a comparable home on sole ownership (£190,000 for the Family collection) and own a share of 5 luxury villas each worth four times their initial investment. Members are not limited to one location and have access to Europe’s most desired locations for on average 12 weeks per year (and up to 17 weeks if you do not book only during peak season).


Get over 12 weeks access to luxury villas across Europe.

For £190,000 investment you become a part owner of 5 properties worth nearly £4,000,000.

Diversify your investment across 5 markets.

Pay one small fixed fee every month and August with take care of everything including property purchase, renovation, maintenance, taxes and insurance.  They can even help with travel.

Find out More:

August hosts information events in the UK.

For further information, please email us at [email protected]

This opportunity is brought to you by August Collection.  Please seek professional advice before making any investments.

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