Winery Purchase in Tuscany + Management Consultancy


Are you interested in investing in an Italian winery but worried you don’t know where to start, let alone how to run it effectively and profitably?

We can put you in touch with a Tuscan-based consultancy who are experienced winery owners and producers.

Whether you are interested in making a profit, investing in a winery as a lifestyle, the creation of a brand, the purchase of several wineries, or winemaking as a hobby, they can assist you throughout the sourcing, purchase and management processes, including;

. Analysis of the right winery depending on your needs

. Assessment, audit, due diligence

. Access to a portfolio which is consistently in excess of 50 vineyards, and which is valued from

between €3 million and €60 million. A number of these are listed among the “top one hundred”

vineyards in Tuscany.  Most of their vineyards are “off-market” so you won’t find them on websites.

. Consulting & assistance during the purchase process

. Temporary management after the purchase

. Staff selection

. Consulting in marketing and sale

. Assistance in future strategic decisions

. Financial support

. Assistance in investments and agricultural subsidies

The company is run by experts who have managed a winery in Tuscany successfully for several years. They are experienced wine producers with knowledge of all the administrative practices needed in the wine business, and possess a large network of specialists.  They have experience in international management and are multilingual.

Many of their customers are international family offices, investors, or even families and individuals with a high net worth.  Tuscany is still at the top of buyers’ wish lists, especially the Chianti Classico and Montalcino areas. Buyers from the UK, Russia, Latin America, the USA and Switzerland are increasingly active, and 45% of Asian UHNWIs are interested in vineyard ownership.

The available portfolio includes selected wineries in Tuscany, Piedmont, Sardinia & other wine regions, some of which are listed among the “top one hundred“ wineries in Tuscany.

Most of the wineries are “off-market”. They will make selections according to your requirements, and will even take some unusual approaches.  Via their wide network, they can source many interesting properties.

If you are seriously looking for a winery in Tuscany, just let us know and we will put you in touch with the experts who can guide you all the way through.

Information about Tuscan Wineries

Here are some figures about vineyards in the most important Tuscan winegrowing regions:

– Bolgheri: 50 vineyards with individual brand names

– Chianti Classico: 600 producers, 350 of which have their own brand

– Montalcino (Brunello): 250 producers with their own brand name

– San Gimignano (Vernaccia): 170 producers, 70 of which have their own brand

– Montepulciano (Vino Nobile): 230 producers, 90 of which have their own brand

Winemaking in Italy is an essential part of the economy. Italy is one of Europe’s most important wine producers. More than 60 million hectolitres of wine are produced covering an area in excess of 840,000 hectares.

Exporting with 21.5 million hectolitres, Italy remains the leading and largest exporter of wine around the world. This is why Italian viticulture has acquired almost one quarter of the global market. Italy remains the leading and most important wine producer in Europe, and therefore is still a huge success in terms of exports.

Winemaking in the Tuscany region covers approximately 63,633 hectares of vineyards. Along with Piedmont, Tuscany is Italy’s most famous wine growing region. The main grape of Tuscany is the Sangiovese variety.

The eleven DOCG areas of Tuscany are Brunello di Montalcino, Carmignano, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Montecucco Sangiovese, Morellino di Scansano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Elba Aleatico Passito, Suvereto, Val di Cornia Rosso.

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