In a superb location, on the top of a hill, a fabulous estate with a villa, land, vineyards and olive groves, for sale in the area of San Miniato, Tuscany.

The road that leads to the top of the hill offers a spectacular panorama of olive groves and vast vineyards, interspersed by woods.

In this territory hunting is prohibited. From here your eyes sweep far distances and you can immerse yourselves in a clear, pure atmosphere.

The view stretches far out to San Gimignano and Volterra on one side, to Montecatini on the other, while, beyond the hills, to the open sea.

On the top of this hill, in medieval times, was one of the many fortified castles of the area. Evidence of this structure is given by a sketch dated 1583, attached to the request to lower the western tower of the castle to the Grand Duke by Niccolò Raffia.

The renovation works of the Villa for sale, have highlighted the great thickness of the walls in the western part the structure (at least 80 cm) and the brick face doubled and filled as in the description made by Raffia. So the Raffia family, who maintained the jurisdiction of the castle until the eighteenth century, incorporated the medieval tower in the Villa.

The main Villa has an area of approx. 480 sq m./5.166 sq ft, in addition to the attics which are of habitable height.

The interiors still conserve the seventeenth-century layout, with ceilings up to 350 cm high. Adjacent to the Villa there are various outbuildings for residential, production or commercial use.

From the windows, the breathtaking view is of San Miniato and the Apuan Alps.

The building is surrounded by a large garden garden of 5,000 sqm, with pine and cypress trees and an automatic irrigation system.

The property includes many outbuildings which are already restored or can be so, thanks to am approved Plan of Improvement for a total of approx. 5,000 sqm.

The estate also includes a 1260 sqm fully-equipped wine cellar with stainless steel vats, barrels and oak barrels. The production capacity is 210,000 bottles.

The oldest documents proving the wine production in the estate date back to 1508 and are preserved in the Vatican archive.

Interesting is the presence of a so-called Vinsantaia, used for the drying of grapes and for the Vin Santo aging.

here are also offices and a 140 sqm tasting room with panoramic terrace featuring typical Tuscan style.

The land in the sale is 205 hectares (approx 506 acres) with vineyards, olive groves, arable land, pasture and forest. The complex includes various artesian wells for irrigation use that can supply a possible swimming pool. The lake is surrounded by woods and enjoys great privacy.