Buy to Let Property in Italy


Are you looking for a property in Italy which will earn you an income? The main rental season is from May – September so you can expect to rent a nice property for about 20 weeks per year, and you can of course rent outside the main season too.

We can assist with the smooth transition of the rentals and property management, and if a property is not rented out already we can put everything in place to advertise and manage the property in the best way possible in order to maximise revenue.
These properties below are available for sale and are all great rental properties;

1. €795,000.This one earns up to €60,000 per year –

2. €1,290,000. Up to €5,500 per week –

3. €400,000. Up to £2,100 (€2415) per week –…/villa-with-pool-in-stunning-p…/

4. €325,000. Rents for 13-14 weeks per year (could be increased) with an average price of £1300/€1500 per week –

5. €2,200,000. This one earns up to €5,400 per week – 

6. €1,900,000. This one earns up to €7,800 per week –

8. €530,000. This one earns a substantial income. More details on request –

9. €1,100,000. 3 apartments (out of 5 + an annex) are rented out here, earning up to €2,170 per week –

10. €437,000. The owners just rent out the 2 annexes, for up to €690 each per week (this could be increased), for up to 20 weeks per year –

11. €320,000. This is a great value 3 bedroom house with pool which rents out for up to £1600 per week. The owners by choice rent it out for only 6-8 weeks per year but this could be increased to approx 20 weeks/year or more.

12. €790,000. This property earns up to €4,450 per week –

13. €2,200,000. This property earns a very substantial income. Further details on request –

14. €850,000. This Umbrian property with pool has a rental income of €40,000 – €50,000 per year –

15. €1,850,000. This beautiful villa with sea view and pool has a rental income of approx €50,000 per year –

16. €4,495,000. Wonderful abbey in Val D’Orcia which rents for up to $25,000 per week –

17. €760,000. This Umbrian farmhouse rents for up to €3,200 per week, up to approx 16 weeks per year –

18. €2,800,000. This stunning property is rented out for up to €6,500 per week –

19. €2,750,000. This property earns an extremely high income from rentals, weddings and cookery classes –

20. €2,900,000. This beautiful property rents for up to €16,000 per week. It also has vineyards –

21. €7 million. This stunning luxury property on the sea in Monte Argentario rents out for up to €28,000 per week –

22. €465,000. This restored farmhouse has it all! Pool, hot tub, amazing views, traditional features, solar and photovoltaic panels, large balcony and veranda, fenced and gated land, private parking, an outbuilding, just 1.5km from amenities. It earns a good income from rentals as well as from solar power.

Drop us an email ([email protected]) if any of these are of interest or with your requirements and budget and we’ll let you know the best rental properties available!

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